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Windows Experience Index Freezing [SOLVED]

Fix Windows Experience Index Freezing Issue: Windows Experience Index was specifically designed as a benchmark tool that offers a score based on your system hardware. These scores tell you how well your system will perform various tasks but later it was

Windows cannot complete the extraction error [SOLVED]

Fix Windows cannot complete the extraction error: While trying to extract contents of a zip file you may face the following error message “Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file could not be created.”  and in order to fix this

Fix DHCP is not enabled for WiFi in Windows 10

If you are not able to connect to the internet or facing limited internet connectivity problem, then chances are DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Client might be disabled. To confirm this, run the network diagnostic and the troubleshooter will close

Fix Steam Error Failed to load steamui.dll

Users face a problem in starting Steam as it gives the error message “Failed to load steamui.dll” which clearly states the error is because of the DLL file steamui.dll. Many websites list the solution as downloading the .dll file from

Fix Could Not Connect to the Steam Network Error

If you’re facing this error message “Could Not Connect to the Steam Network” while trying to start Steam, then you could either start steam in offline mode or exit it completely, but there is no fix for the issue. In

Fix Windows 10 Wrong Clock Time Issue

If you’re facing this issue in Windows 10 where Clock Time is always wrong even though the date is correct, then you need to follow this guide to fix the issue. The time in the taskbar and settings will be

Fix High CPU Usage by WUDFHost.exe

If the Windows Driver Foundation (WUDFHost.exe) is consuming excessive resources of your system, then chances are that some drivers may be corrupted or outdated. Windows Driver Foundation was earlier called Windows Driver Framework which takes care of User-mode Drivers. But

15 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Windows 10 PC

If your PC running Windows 10 is becoming slow or constantly lags, you’re at the right place as today we will fix the issue altogether. Although Windows 10 is one of the best-operating systems out there, with time it has

[FIXED] Selected boot image did not authenticate error

If you face this error message “Fix Selected boot image did not authenticate”, then your PC cannot load BIOS properly, and the main cause of this error seems to be Secure Boot. The boot sequence is saved into the database,